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OAF Introduction

OAF Model & Architecture 1. Model View Controller   OA Framework is based on the industry-standard J2EE MVC design pattern. The MVC architecture is a component-based design pattern with clean interfaces between the Model, View, and Controller. The Model is where the application implements its business logic. The View is where the application implements its […]

Basics of Java

JAVA JDK: Java development Kit for java development. This freeware can be downloaded from Setup you PATH and CLASSPATH system variables. PATH should point to where java exits. It need to point to jdk\bin. So that java compiler and executable can be called from any directory. CLASSPATH need to point to all those directories […]

Create Hello World Page

Step1: Right click on trng2 project and select “New” Step2: Select  OA Components and Page Step3:  Specify Page name and package. Page names with PG and they will be in webui folder. It being a custom page, the page  and package should be <company/customname>.oracle.apps.<application>.<module>.webui Here for custom objects we are using trng2 as starting custom […]

Get Shipment Number based on the PO

Get the Shipment Number based on the po header id information PO: Get the Shipment Number based on the po header id information:- ———————————————————————————-With the following query, you can find out the Shipment Number for the particular PO Order. select distinct rsh.shipment_num from RCV_TRANSACTIONS rt,PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_ALL pll,RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS rsh where rt.PO_LINE_LOCATION_ID = pll.LINE_LOCATION_ID  and rt.SHIPMENT_HEADER_ID = rsh.shipment_header_id  […]

HRMS Windows and their paths

HRMS Windows and their Navigation Paths Windows and their Navigation Paths The following list shows the default navigation paths for all the windows in Oracle HRMS, as they are supplied. You can use task flow windows directly from the menu, or from the People and Assignment windows. The responsibility that you use determines which of […]

Query to extract employee contact info

Query to extract Employee Contact Information Posted by Arun Kumar S.R at 2:49 AM SELECT papf.person_id employee_id, papf.full_name employee_name, papf.effective_start_date employee_start_date, papf.effective_end_date employee_end_date, papf_cont.full_name contact_name, hl.meaning contact_type, pcr.date_start contact_start_date, pcr.date_end contact_end_date FROM per_contact_relationships pcr, per_all_people_f papf, hr_lookups hl, per_all_people_f papf_cont WHERE 1 = 1 AND papf.person_id = pcr.person_id AND pcr.contact_person_id = papf_cont.person_id AND NVL (TRUNC (papf.effective_end_date), SYSDATE) […]


APPS ALL QUERIES Query to find few business groups set up in the instance : select business_group_id,name from per_business_groups where lower(name) like ‘%vision corporation%’ order by name / Query to find legal entities associated with a SOB select organization_id legal_entity_id, business_group_id, name, date_from, date_to, set_of_books_id, vat_registration_number from hr_legal_entities where set_of_books_id=1 and business_group_id=202 Query to find […]

Create External Bank Account in R12

Below post will explain the step involved in importing an external bank account in Oracle Apps R12. STEP 1: CREATE PARTY for BANK in TCA API involved: IBY_EXT_BANKACCT_PUB.create_ext_bank SCRIPT:  Test Instance: R12.1.1 Script: set serveroutput on; DECLARE       v_error_reason             VARCHAR2 (2000);      v_msg_data                 VARCHAR2 (1000);    v_msg_count                NUMBER;    v_return_status            VARCHAR2 (100);     v_extbank_rec_type         iby_ext_bankacct_pub.extbank_rec_type;    x_response                 iby_fndcpt_common_pub.result_rec_type;      x_bank_id                  NUMBER;    BEGIN    v_error_reason                           := NULL;    […]

Value set security feature in 12.2 and above versions

Oracle has introduced a new value set security feature  in 12.2 version which will disable accessing value set values to all users. This is default functionality and Business users are expected to give permissions either to specific value sets or all value sets to specific users or group of users. Let’s backup a little bit […]

Oracle Business Events

Oracle Business events are like Triggers. So we have event (Business event) based on which an action can be performed. There are two kinds of business events 1)Oracle provided business events / Seeded Business Events 2) Custom Business Events, which we create as per our business needs.
In most of the cases we just need to create an action for a seeded business event. Oracle Corp knows most of the business requirements and they have provided us with many seeded business events which are ready to use.