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  1. Dany
    December 12, 2015 @ 8:33 pm

    Thanks for the links, Joe.From a practical dlemeopvent standpoint, I’m most excited about the T-SQL improvements. At long last, we can pass in table variables to stored procedures. Hard to believe it took this long.Some other features that are exciting but won’t impact daily life in the cube:- Geography data types- Star join query optimization (for fun, maybe we should redesign WISP as a star schema datamart!)- Grouping sets an intriguing extension to the group by clauseWhat I didn’t see in the product overview but really hope to see in the final version of SQL 2008:- Improvements to the PIVOT capability that first appeared in SQL 2005. Great idea, but not really useful unless you resort to building a query string and executing dynamic SQL. PIVOT could be so much more!And finally, I am very happy that SQL Server users everywhere will, at long last, be able to drive actionable insight. [insert eye-rolling emoticon]

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